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Our Brand design process

One of the questions I get asked most by clients, is “what is your brand design process like?” So in today’s blog post, I wanted to deep dive into the brand design process, the benefits that come with it, and how I work collaboratively with my clients to make sure we build something that is long-lasting and showcases your brand’s unique purpose.

My design process probably looks a little different than other designers for a few reasons:

  • My strategy workshop. I believe that you can’t build an amazing brand unless you have a clear strategy from the beginning. Once my client is onboarded we spend around 2-hours going in-depth about their brand. Some designers will do something similar, in a questionnaire format. I’ve found that the best result comes from having a conversation.
  • I present only one branding concept to my clients. Instead of multiple logos to choose from; I select one concept that complely aligns with the brand startegy that we’ve created. The approach allows us to avoid going with branding that is trendy, but instead branding that will last.
  • I’ll never design you just a logo. The reason is, that this won’t set up my client for success. Because a logo doesn’t tell a brand’s full story. Our studio only specializes in full branding.

Just like with anything, my process changes and evolves. But here is a taste of what you’ll get when you work with Brand by Design:

Inquiry & Onboarding

The best way to start the process is to fill out our application on our contact page. I like applications because every business is unique. I love to get to know a bit about you first. If we seem like we’d be a good fit, I’ll contact you to set up a discovery call. The discovery call lets me understand your business a bit better and gives me the opportunity to have a clearer view of what your business’s project goals are.

If we’re a good fit I’ll send you over a proposal. When the proposal is approved, I’ll send you the contract, invoice & welcome packet. When the invoice is paid, it’ll secure you a spot on my calendar.

Project Set-up

I love making things as simple as possible, not only is it beneficial for my client. But it helps me too! I use tools such as: Honeybook, Asana, Google Drive. I also record tutorials on how to use various software’s and I’m just an email away if you need help.

Strategy Workshop

As I mentioned earlier, one thing that set’s Brand by Design apart, is our love for strategy.

We start off by sending you some “homework”. The homework includes a simple questionnaire that generally takes 15-20 minutes and also I ask that you create a couple of Pinterest Boards. Fun right, because we doesn’t love Pinterest?

Next, I prep for our Strategy Workshop. The workshop is incredibly interactive and I hear most clients saying that they feel like they’ve peeled back layers of their business that didn’t know existed after going through it.

The workshop includes: understanding who your ideal customer is and their demographics and psychographics. Uncovering the buyer’s journey. Understanding external and internal problems and coming up with solutions for them. Brainstorming brand adjectives. Knowing your brand’s value & voice. Uncovering your brand’s personality and messaging and researching your competition.

After the Strategy Workshop, I do even more research over the next week. This allows us to craft a brand that is unique to your business and helps you stand out from the crowd.


Once the strategy is set in place, this is where I let my creativity run free! I let my clients know I am going into my “design cave” is if I am a bit quiet, it’s just because I am creating some magic for them.

For my Branding Package, I usually take a couple of weeks to come up with various concepts, before presenting the final one to the client. From there, I allow 2-rounds of revisions before we move onto the next phase.

Pop the champagne, it’s launch Time

We’ll select a day that will work for the launch, but we’ll have the launch strategy in place beforehand. This will allow you to generate excitement & hype for your brand. I’ll give you all the tools you’ll need for success and also continue the momentum in the future.

On-going support

Post-launch I’m always here for questions or continual support, ask about our maintenance packages! I often have clients who will come back and it makes the process easier since we’ve worked together in the past.

Well, there you have it! Now you have an insider’s look at our Brand Design Process. I love working with passionate business owners, to help discover their unique purpose & meaning. It’s a dream working with such inspirational clients and I love helping their business come to life through branding!

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