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7 of the Best Shopify
Themes for 2022

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Shopify themes are the building blocks of your online store. The built-in themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your Shopify store to meet the needs of your business.

One of the most popular platforms for e-commerce businesses, big or small, is Shopify. The advantage of Shopify’s plan is that it can grow along with your business.

Shopify offers a wide range of themes that can be customized to fit the needs of almost any business. Click here to take a peek.

In this article I will include both free and paid Shopify themes. The theme you choose will be determined by the needs of your store. Is your store, for example, in need of a currency conversion since it does business internationally? Or do you want a quick view button that appears when a user hovers their mouse over an image?

The wonderful thing about Shopify is that most of their themes aren’t industry specific. The most important thing to consider is whether the features will meet your businesses specific needs.

Here’s 7 of the best Shopify themes for 2022:

Price: Free 

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• Easy-to-use navigation
• Images from the full-width collection
• Viewing products in catalog format
• Editorial layout design 
• Perfect for stores with a lot of amazing photos to showcase

The nice thing about the Boundless Shopify theme is that it is free! This theme is ideal for businesses that want an editorial look and want to showcase their amazing photos.

Price: $250

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• Three different web design layouts to choose from
• Promotional features
• Live predictive search
• Product color swatches
• Trending function to assist users in navigating the website
• Promo pop-up function – fantastic for growing your email list
• In-store pick-ups & optimized for in-store selling
• Recommended goods for increased conversions
• Recently viewed
• Image zoom
• Designed for visual storytelling

The Maker Shopify theme comes with a number of useful marketing tools, including a promotional function, a trending function, an email pop-up (to increase your email list), and product recommendations.

I really enjoy that you can choose from three different web design layouts. This Shopify theme is perfect for businesses who want to tell a story.

Price: $250

The key features of this Shopify theme include: 
• Three different web design layouts to choose from
• Set up for worldwide sales with a currency converter
• 96% approval rating!
• In-store pick-ups and built for in-store selling
• Live predictive search
• Editorial layout design
• Large catalog size – perfect for high volume retailers
• Product tabs
• Sticky header
• Product badges
• Collection page navigation
• Homepage videos
• Sticky cart (pop-up)
• Promo poop-up function – perfect for developing your email list
• Store locator – for stores with a physical location

With a 96% approval rating it is fair to say that the Context Shopify theme is pretty amazing!

This Shopify theme lets you to sell your products all over the world. It also has a large catalog, making it ideal for Shopify businesses with a lot of products.

The Context Shopify theme is designed for businesses who have both a physical location and a Shopify store. Because it’s designed for in-store sales and pick-up.

Price: $250

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• Three different web design layouts to choose from
• 92% acceptance rating!
• Image rollover
• Image zoom
• Editorial style
• Live predictive search
• Collection page navigation
• Large catalog size, excellent for high volume retailers
• Store locator, for stores with a physical location
• Quick view feature
• Lightbox image viewer
• Product videos & 3D models
• Page grid, mix and match pictures and text
• Customizable contact form to meet your business’s demands
• Promo poop-up tool, which is fantastic for growing your email list
• Product badges
• Sticky header

Email pop-up (for growing your email list), customized contact form, and product badges are just a few of the marketing tools included in the Ira Shopify theme.

It’s also ideal for Shopify stores looking to add more image features for their product pages. Picture rollover, image zoom, fast view feature, Lightbox image viewer, product videos, and 3D models are some of the image features for this theme.

Price: $220

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• Four different web design layouts to choose from
• Breadcrumbs feature, which decreases the number of tasks a visitor must complete in order to create a simple user experience
• Large catalog size – perfect for big volume stores
• Image rollover
• Image zoom
• Product recommendations, for increased conversions
• Cart notes, which allows the consumer to submit additional instructions for the order

The breadcrumb feature in the Pacific Shopify theme is not only useful for the user experience, but it also helps with SEO.

This theme provides four various website design layouts to choose from, which I enjoy. This would be ideal for Shopify companies that require a little more information from their customers, by utilizing the notes option.

Price: $350

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• Three different different web design layouts to choose from
• Cart notes, which allow customers to leave unique instructions for their orders
• Gift wrapping function
• Slide-out cart
• Available in 5 languages
• The breadcrumbs function decreases the amount of steps a visitor must take to offer a simple user experience.
• Age verification – ideal if you’re selling alcoholic beverages
• Back-in-stock alert
• Customizable contact form to suit your company’s demands
• Sticky header
• Recently viewed
• Infinite scrollbar
• Quick view functionality
• Product recommendations for greater conversions

Because the Flow Shopify theme offers an age verification option, it’s ideal for Shopify stores selling alcoholic products online.

The slide-out cart, gift-wrapping function, back-in-stock notice, sticky header, and infinite scrollbar are some of the other things I appreciate about this theme.

This is one of my favorite themes, and it can be used for a range of different businesses.

Price: Free

The key features of this Shopify theme include:
• FAQ Page
• In-store pick-ups and intended for in-store selling
• Product recommendations for increased conversions
• Sticky header
• Mega menu
• Product selections
• Has a currency converter and is set up for foreign sales.

Shopify’s free themes are always impressive, and the Crave Shopify theme is no exception!

The big menu, sticky header, currency converter for international sales, and the opportunity to sell in person and on your Shopify store are just a few of my favorite features.

So, there you have it, my favorite Shopify themes for 2022!

With hundreds of Shopify themes to choose from, finding one that fits your website’s goals and objectives should be easy.

Shopify themes offer a free trial period. This means you won’t have to pay anything until your website is up and running. I like that you can try out themes before you buy them, so you can be sure they’ll fit with your Shopify store.

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