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Our Studio

Our Ethos 

Brand by Design Studio was founded with the idea of adding value to our clients and readers lives by providing polished, elevated design and inspiring, meaningful content. We believe in prioritizing quality over quantity in life and business, and that by slowing down and taking on fewer responsibilities, we can devote our full focus to what matters most. We start with the why rather than the what, probing deep in the early phases to identify the characteristics that distinguish our clients’ businesses.

We believe that refined design is aligned design, which has been carefully researched and implemented. When we remove the unnecessary, the necessary can speak and breathe life. Our ability to listen, engage, and develop a close partnership with our clients adds value to the brand-building process. We believe that it takes a team to create something truly exceptional, thus we promote collaborative partnerships and transparent communication.

Our Design Process

Brand Strategy 

We lead you through a fine-tuned process that uncovers your why, determines your brand goals, and uses this information to develop a brand story that resonates with your mission, all while maintaining a warm and holistic approach. We build a foundation for an identity that feels authentically you, resonates with your ideal customer, and effectively sets you apart from your competition by leveraging what makes your business different.


We create initial design concepts for your business using a detailed brand strategy to effortlessly bring your ideal customers in and communicate your brand’s unique story. The brand identity will depend on the needs of your business but it will generally include a primary and secondary logo, color palette, and typography.    


Upon completion of your project, we provide you with a complete package that includes all of the brand assets that  you’ll need to confidently launch your brand. We can easily build up any complementing parts of your brand, whether it’s a stationary design, website design, or product packaging, with this solid foundation in place.

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About Korene

My name is Korene, and I’m a designer and creative director who focuses on strategic branding and web design. I’ve worked with brads in the beauty, wellness, fashion, interior design, and photography industries. 

The motivation behind Brand by Design Studio is to assist people in achieving their goals, whatever they may be. The people we work with are the reason I enjoy what I do. They trust me with their hopes and dreams, rekindle my passion, and, more often than not, become friends. Fine art photography, fashion, textiles, and interior design have all inspired my work.

Working with brands all across the world has reignited my passion for travel and sparked my curiosity in global culture and design trends.


Every design project is a collaborative process between Brand by Design and our client.  We love when our clients bring us samples, color combinations/swatches, and any ideas they may have for their logo design. It helps us have a better understanding of the vibe that they are wanting to achieve. During the design process, the client is asked to review, provide feedback and revisions.      

Nope, we work with clients from across the world! 

Of course! Having a website be mobile compatible is more important than ever.

This answer varies depending on the project. Every website is unique and will require different components. During our discovery call we will ask a lot of questions to understand the needs of your company. After, we will give you a quote based off of the information we gathered from the meeting.  

Yes! We love to see our clients take control of their website and learn how to manage their website content. You will have the access to the backend to text updates and photo changes, on your own. However, we would recommend our maintenance plan for things such as: plugin updates, design or structure changes, and complex functionality. We offer “How To” Tutorials, if you’d like to learn how to navigate through the backend and make minor changes independently.  

No, we do not, you will be responsible for the website hosting, SSL certification & domain. However we do have recommendations, such as: Name Cheap, Site Ground and and BlueHost. The migration will be part of the website package.  

Absolutely! We work with all types of businesses. Because we know that no matter what industry you’re in, having an online presence will help to elevate any business, to the next level.

We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Money Order, Cashiers Checks & Cash.

First, you’ll want to fill out our application. Once we’ve received your application will contact you for a discovery call, to learn more about you & your business!  

Absolutely! You’ll receive the finalized AI/Vector file, jpeg and png of your new logo. These files will allow you to use your branding on the following – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochure design, presentation folders, websites, mailing labels, and any other designs your business may need!