Crafting bespoke and classic brand identity and product packaging design for purpose-driven brands.

Our Studio's Philosophy

At Brand by Design Studio, we are passionate about creating a bespoke brand that showcases your brands unique personality while still connecting with your dream customers. We believe branding should be beautifully designed, but it should also generate more income for our clients. That is why strategy is at the heart of our studios projects. 

It takes a team to create something truly exceptional, that is why we value collaborative teamwork and transparent communication. Our ability to listen, engage and develop a close partnership with our clients allows us to create a seamless client experience. 

Behind the Brand

It’s so lovely to meet you! My name is Korene, and I am the founder & creative director of Brand by Design Studio. I’ve found that what lights up my soul is giving business owners (like you!) a brand they are proud of. Seeing an idea become a living, breathing brand is always an incredible process to be a part of.

You can find me at a yoga or spin class, browsing my local farmer’s market, treasure hunting at a thrift shop, or traveling to new places when I’m not behind the computer. I feel like the big and small things in life inspire me.

Ways We Can Work Together:

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A brand identity that is strategy-led and adds purpose & meaning within every detail.

Using the magic of storytelling to breathe life into your brand. With a strategy-led approach, your branding will be designed intentionally and speak directly to your ideal customer – allowing you to reach your business goals.

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A brand strategy that gets to the heart of your business and creates meaningful connections with your target audience.

Through questions, engaging exercises, and thought-provoking activities, we’ll explore the heart and soul of your brand. Our goal is to understand your brand on a deeper level. By understanding your brands why we can effectively communicate with your dream customer.

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A packaging experience that your customers can't stop talking about.

Packaging that goes beyond aesthetics connecting with your audience through meaningful storytelling. Our design approach is tailored to meet your business’s unique needs, providing a comprehensive solution that transforms your idea into a full brand experience.

A business's heart and soul is its brand design. It is a business's distinct view point, personality, vision, mission, and visual identity that, when combined, results in a passionate and loyal community of customers and supporters.

Ready to create a unforgettable brand?