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How To Write The
Perfect Product Page

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An outstanding Shopify website is made up of several puzzle pieces. For example, an appealing homepage, communicating your company’s story, user navigation, great images, and so on.

The product page is one page that seems to get overlooked, despite the fact that I believe it is one of the most important pages.

Effective product pages show the value of a featured product right away. They show potential buyers what a product looks like, describe how it feels, and educate them that it is something they must have.

When it comes to creating a product page, there are a variety of features and variations from which Shopify store owners can choose. I’ll show you a few of my favorites and explain why they’re so great in the hopes that you can include some of their features into your next product page design! 

Here are 5 of my favorite product pages, from brands I love: 

01. Djerf Avenue

Djerf Avenue focuses on essential staples that will last you for years. I own a handful of their pieces and am blown away by their quality.

Their photos haven’t been touched up, and there isn’t a filter on them. Something you don’t normally see in fashion. They specify the size the model is wearing in the photos. It’s a brilliant method of avoiding returns.

They feature a range of models with various body types, rather than just one. They have a sizing chart that is very thorough. You can save products to your favorites as well.

Given how difficult it can be to buy clothes online due to sizing concerns, I appreciate how easy Djerf Avenue makes it!

02. Saie Beauty, At Sephora

Sephora is the holy grail of beauty stores. Saie Beauty is a clean beauty brand that they carry that I really enjoy, and I am quite impressed with their product page.

They included a video with Saie’s founder explaining the story behind the brand. Video can be such a powerful took for marketing, with 54% of customers saying that they want to see more video content from brands, according to this Oberlo article.

I like how they show the product on people with various skin tones. This way people customers can have a better understanding of what it would look like on their skin.

They also include a list of each ingredient in the product, as well the benefits it will provide to your skin.

Customers can ask questions regarding the product, and then a Sephora representative will respond. By doing this, it provides a better user experience to customers, and it makes them feel like they will be able to get their questions answered, even if they are shopping online.

03. Alohas

The brand Alohas has changed the way you buy clothing, shoes, and accessories and I love their business model!

How it works is they have monthly drops where you can get a discount on the product if you purchase it early. This leads to no over-production thanks to pre-orders on products.

They call it “pre-planned responsible shopping”, compared to unnecessary impulse buys that you have with traditional shopping.

Videos of the model wearing the product is one of my favorite things on their website since it allows the customer to see how it looks on. Which may differ slightly from how a product appears in a picture.

Product details, size & fit, and shipping & returns information are all included on the product page.

On their product page, Alohas also offers a FAQ section. According to a Trajectory Web Design article, 60% of customers say that a FAQ page is their go-to channel for simple questions.

Overall Alohas does a great job at explaining their mission and what their business stands for. As well as what they stand against, which is, overproduction, unfair labor, and toxic dyes.

04. Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is a British lifestyle brand famous for its unique scent profile and high-end bath, body, and home products.

I like how clean their website is and how easy it is to find the information you’re looking for on their product page.

They also do an excellent job of describing their scent profile, ensuring that there are no unexpected surprises when you receive the product.

They contain tasting notes in addition to the fragrance description. This allows you to determine which scents go with each note.

Because Jo Malone’s products complement one other, they feature a section on their product page called “make your perfect combination.” For instance, it will tell you which lotion with pair nicely with which fragrance. And you have the option to select fresher or warmer, depending on your preference.

I really like their video on the dos and don’ts of fragrance application. I believe there are some misconceptions about how to wear it, and I appreciate how their video demonstrates it in a fun and clever way.

When it comes to purchasing fragrances online, I believe Jo Malone provides a lot of information about their products so that buyers know exactly what they’re receiving.

05. Mejuri Jewelry

Mejuri jewelry is handcrafted, ethically sourced, and made to last.

Fine jewelry, they feel, should be accessible to everyone. They collaborate with jewelers that create high-end jewelry using precious metals including recycled and responsibly mined gold, as well as responsibly sourced diamonds and AAA-grade gemstones.

They reveal how much the estimated retail pricing of the product is compared to their fair pricing on their product page. I appreciate how transparent and open they are with their customers.

They provide a complete look that shows what other products might go nicely with the one you’re looking at right now. Store owners can also use this as an opportunity to upsell their products. Especially if the products complement each other well.

Overall, I believe Mejuri does an excellent job of educating customers about their products so that they can make a confident decision.


As you can see, there are many components that go into creating a product page. What you include in your product page will depends on the type of product that you are selling.

However, there are a few pieces of information that pretty much any Shopify store can incorporate into their product page:

·   Customer Reviews – builds trust and loyalty. By having great customer reviews, they can be your businesses biggest advocate.  
·   Sizing Charts – to avoid returns and customers having a bad experience due to ordering the wrong size.  
·   Product Details – by being as thorough as you can in the details section. This will allow the customer to know all of the details about the product they are buying. This way they won’t have second guesses or buyers’ remorse. 
·   Returns & Policy – by having a good return policy in place lets customers know that you stand behind your products.  
·   “You May Also Like” Feature – allows for customers to continue shopping and potentially spend more than what they had planned.

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