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Logo Variations, Explained

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A logo is often used to represent a product, service, business, or brand.

One of the most valuable assets of a brand is its logo, which is at the heart of a brands identity. It is the most effective tool for communicating the business’s beliefs and values to its customers.

While a logo is essential for a brand, it is more than just making it beautiful and appealing to the eye. Sure, having a visually appealing logo has its advantages. However, it isn’t everything.

A logo should be based on a brand strategy, and it should be able to communicate with your ideal customer. When a customer interacts with your logo and brand identity, they should feel something.

We’ve all had experiences with brands where no matter what they sell, we’ll want to buy it because we’re so invested in their products and brand.

When your ideal customer interacts with your brand, we want them to feel the same way. At our studio we design branding that is intentional and has purpose and meaning.

In this blog post I will discuss what a logo variation is and the different types of logo variations, such as, primary logo, secondary logo, and submark logo. I will also discuss our brand and logo approach and what makes our studio different.

What is a Logo Variation?

Variations of your main logo would be considered a logo variation. However, a logo variation does not mean that each logo has a completely different visual design and identity.

A logo variation is a rearranged version of your primary logo that helps your brand to show consistently and recognizability in a variety of places. Such as, your website, social media accounts, business cards, packaging, and so on.

Depending on your business’s needs, you may only require just a primary logo or a complete brand identity. A complete brand identity would include the entire family of logos, such as the primary logo, secondary logo, and the submark logo.

In this article I’ll go over where to use your logo variations, across various platforms.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the main identifying mark for your business.

This logo is often the most commonly used and all other brand logos stem from the design of the primary logo.

The most extensive of all logo designs, the primary logos are often horizontal. Any tagline(s), founding dates, illustrations, and so on are normally incorporated into the primary logo.

You’d find the primary logo on print collateral, website navigation, and business cards.

Secondary Logo

The alternative logo is another term for the secondary logo.

This logo can be vertical or horizontal, depending on your businesses industry. Alternate secondary logos are usually stacked variations of your primary logo that have been reduced down.

In secondary logo designs, I usually remove any creative elements or taglines to focus on the brand name.

You’d find the secondary logo on clothing tags, business cards, stationary, invoices, shopping bags and product packaging.

Submark Logo

Watermarks are another term for a submark logo.

The whole business name and/or a creative element are included in some submark designs. A lettermark is a submark that solely uses your business’s initials.

Submarks work well in small spaces where larger logo variations won’t fit.

Sizing down a large primary logo into a little submark can be a bit challenging, but the end result is a really versatile and creative logo variation!

You’d find the submark logo on social media profile pictures, small print pieces and your website footer.

Additional Brand Elements

Along with logo variations are brand elements, which are part of a brands identity.

Brand elements would include patterns, textures, icons, illustrations, and graphics. These elements would tie in with the brands logo variations, in order to have a complete brand identity.

For instance, the flower for the logo variation example that I provided, would be considered a brand element.

You’d find additional brand elements on print collateral, packaging, website design, and social media graphics.

Brand logo for a bedding company

Primary Logo 

Brand logo for a bedding company

Secondary Logo 

Brand mark for a bedding brand

Submark Logo & Brand Element

Our Approach To Logo Designs & Branding

Our studio understands that not every business requires a complete brand identity package, with all of the bells and whistles. A primary and secondary logo, as well as font pairings and a color palette, are sometimes all that is needed for your business.

That’s why we’ve created a basic package to suit those needs. The best part about our branding packages is that you can always add on additional services to meet your business’s specific needs.

Our branding process starts with a brand strategy workshop where I understand your brand and ideal customer, on a deeper level. After the brand strategy workshop, I will research your brand and industry further and put together a complete brand strategy guide.

Once you’ve approved the brand strategy guide, I will start designing. All logo designs will be based heavily off of the brand strategy. it will be our north star.

I’ve found that having a one-concept approach works best for logo design projects. What a one-concept approach means is that I will present you will aa primary and secondary logo that is completely in-line with the creative direction and brand strategy that you approved.

By basing everything off of strategy, I’ve found that it delivers my clients with the best results and more conversions for their business.


As you can see, each logo variation serves a distinct brand purpose. Our branding projects include an in-depth strategy workshop, creative direction, a custom color palette, font pairings, and a strategy guidebook, in addition to logos variations.

Keep in mind that the brand identity was created with your target customer in mind. Our goal is to develop something that captures the essence of your brand while also speaking to your ideal customer.

Our studio offers a basic branding package that you can customize with add-ons. We recognize that not every business need comprehensive branding, therefore it’s critical that we meet you where you are. To see our branding packages, click here.

If you’d like to learn more or see how we may assist you with achieving your branding goals, please contact us. To set up a free discovery call to see how we can help support you and your business, please click here!