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Scope of Work:

Brand Identity Design
Product Packaging 
Print Collateral 

Rêve Skincare, a blend of simplicity and beauty.

With a strong focus on minimalism and elegance, we wanted to create an cohesive brand experience that would effortlessly resonate with its target audience. Every design element was thoughtfully curated to reflect the brand’s unwavering commitment to simplicity, elegance, and quality.

Behind the brand

The name “Rêve,” which means “dream” in French, is a north star, encouraging customers to dream of a world where self-love, simplicity, and beauty intertwine seamlessly. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of its journey, from eco-friendly packaging materials to supporting ethical practices throughout its supply chain. With each product, Rêve strives to combine luxury and natural beauty, empowering individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace the journey of self-love.

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