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Scope of Work:

Brand Identity Design
Product Packaging 
Print Collateral 

At the heart of Sandalwood Avenue is a deep appreciation for the transformative power of scents and the profound impact they have on our surroundings.

Sandalwood Avenue seeks to evoke a sense of mindfulness and serenity, inviting individuals to embrace intentional moments of tranquility and reflection. With each incense product carefully curated to enhance spaces and elevate experiences, the brand aims to create a mindful sanctuary that soothes the soul and inspires meaningful experiences.

Behind the brand

Embracing a philosophy of mindful sanctuaries and the art of purposeful living, the brand aspires to be more than just another home goods product but a guide to a lifestyle that nurtures the soul and uplifts spaces with meaning and intention. Rooted in the belief that moments of mindful reflection can elevate everyday experiences, Sandalwood Avenue is an inspiring journey that illuminates the path to a aligned and purposeful existence.

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