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Why Brand Strategy
Is Important

Behind every great brand is a well-thought-out brand strategy. Your brand strategy is made up of several elements, like the voice you use to speak to your target audience or the values that drive your brand forward. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why brand strategy is essential for every business, regardless of size and industry.

Sets Your Business Apart From the "Sea of Same"

The term “sea of the same” refers to the fact that all brands in a particular industry look the same and blend in with one another.

The goal of setting your business apart from your competition is that it allows customers to remember your business and gain more brand recognition. In order to set yourself apart, first, you need to understand the gaps within your industry. Once you’ve distinguished the gaps, you can create solutions that align with your customers.

For example, Alohas saw that customers wanted higher-quality, more sustainable products. As a result, they launched pre-orders. Pre-orders allow buyers to purchase products at a discounted price and have them shipped once they’ve been made. Doing this provides for more cautious buying and less overproduction of goods.

Builds Trust & Credibility

Trust is a fundamental factor in the success of any business. Customers are more likely to do business with a brand they trust.

Your brand strategy should establish credibility and consistency in everything it does, from how it communicates to the quality of its products or services. Customers who consistently experience a brand that delivers on its promises and aligns with their values are likelier to become loyal customers and brand advocates.

Supports Your Marketing Plan

Effective marketing and advertising are essential for every business’s growth. However, your marketing efforts may lack direction and consistency without a clear brand strategy.

With a well-defined brand strategy, your marketing team can create campaigns that align with your brand’s values and messaging and will appeal to your target audience. This consistency reinforces your brand’s identity and makes it easier for customers to recognize and remember your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Customers’ emotional bond with your brand motivates them to choose your product’s or services over your competition.

The reason why customers have this emotional bond is because they trust your brand. By having this connection, your customers are more willing to purchase from you again and will likely recommend your brand to their friends and family.

However, having this emotional bond with your customer is not by accident. This connection is because of your brand strategy.

At our studio, every project starts with brand strategy because we believe we can only create a successful brand if we know who your customer is. During the brand strategy phase, we will have an in-depth two-hour workshop that goes over who your customers are outside of their demographics.

Here are just a few things that we will uncover:
• Your customer’s goals
• What keeps them up at night
• The challenges that they are facing
• What your customer dreads & what lights them up
• Your customer’s dreams

After the workshop, we will spend the next week researching your brand and customer to create a brand strategy that will form an emotional bond with your customer.

Allows You to Raise Your Prices

When consumers perceive your brand as valuable and trustworthy, they are often willing to pay more for your products or services.

Think of some of the largest brands, like Apple or Nike. These companies have cultivated strong brand identities that justify premium pricing for their products. While there may be cheaper alternatives available, consumers are willing to pay extra for the perceived quality and status associated with these brands.

Fosters Employee Engagement

Your brand strategy doesn’t just impact how customers perceive your business; it also affects how your employees engage with their work. A strong and well-communicated brand strategy can instill a sense of pride and purpose in your employees.

When your team understands and believes in your brand’s mission and values, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their roles. This can lead to higher productivity, better customer service, and increased employee retention.

Helps When Navigating Business Challenges

A well-defined brand strategy can serve as a guiding light in the face of business challenges and crises. It provides a clear sense of purpose and direction for your business, helping you make decisions that align with your brand’s values and long-term goals.

Your brand strategy can help you communicate effectively with your customers during difficult times. Whether you’re addressing a product recall, a public relations issue, or a global crisis, having a strong brand strategy can guide your messaging and actions, minimizing damage to your brand’s reputation.

Allows You to Expand into New Markets

As your business grows, you may want to expand into new markets or target new customer segments. Your brand strategy can be a valuable piece in this process. It can help you adapt your brand messaging and positioning to resonate with different audiences while maintaining your core brand identity.

Expanding into new markets without a clear brand strategy can lead to confusion and inconsistency, which could harm your brand’s reputation. With a well-defined brand strategy, you can enter new markets with confidence, knowing that your brand will remain strong and recognizable.


An effective brand strategy can differentiate your business from competitors, build customer trust and credibility, target the right audience effectively, ensure consistency across all touchpoints, and provide a long-term vision for your brand’s success. It also allows you to adapt to changing market conditions, enhance perceived value, align and engage employees, and measure and improve performance.

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