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Why Brand Strategy
Is Important

A brand strategy is a plan that aligns your business with your ideal customer and ensures consistency across all media. It explains why your company exists aside from just making money.

A good brand strategy must describe what makes your brand stand out in a sea of similar brands and how you want your ideal customer to see and perceive your brand.

The goal of brand strategy is to increase the perceived value of your product or service.

By defining your brand so that it transforms or expands your ideal customer’s perceptions. What can your product/service do to improve the lives of your ideal customers, for example?

You should align your brand strategy with your company and the customers. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to brand strategy.

It takes time to develop a brand strategy. I’ve found that holding a workshop rather than a brand questionnaire has allowed me to understand my client’s business and ideal customer on a deeper level.

I often have clients telling me, “Wow, I never thought of my brand in that light….” The aha moments are where the magic happens!

I’ll share a few reasons why I feel like a brand strategy is essential for every brand in this blog post.

Builds Customer Loyalty

The customer’s emotional bond with the brand motivates them to choose one product over another. Customers who trust your brand are also more willing to purchase from you again and recommend you to their friends and family.

When you build a brand, you want to create a humanistic connection with your customers, making it more difficult for them to leave you for another brand. Your brand should feel like a friend to your customer if you establish humanistic characteristics.

Your marketing efforts will be more effective if they come from a well-known and strong brand in its customers’ best interest. Customers want to be seen and heard at the end of the day. As a result, make sure your branding is centered around your customer. By doing this, you will establish loyal customers for years to come.

Cultivating customer loyalty will result in more repeat customers and more profit for your business.

Sets Your Business Apart From the “Sea of Same”

The term “sea of the same” refers to the fact that all brands in a particular industry look the same and don’t stand out independently.

Once you’ve figured out what sets you apart from your competition, you can use it to your advantage.

Some brands may be hesitant to stand out, while others may be unsure what differentiates them from their competition. In either case, they’re missing out on a chance to stand out in their industry. And as a result, their brand could gain more brand recognition.

Take some time to research your industry to identify where the gaps are. Then, to align with your customer, discover solutions to those gaps.

For example, Alohas saw that customers wanted higher-quality, more sustainable products. As a result, they launched pre-orders. Pre-orders allow buyers to purchase products at a discounted price and have them shipped once they’ve been made. Doing this provides for more cautious buying and less overproduction of goods.

It Could Grow Your Business

You’ll be able to focus on your ideal consumer by understanding your business and customers on a deeper level.

You’ll be able to build your business far more quickly if you do this. Because instead of trying to be everything to everyone, you can focus your efforts on the ideal customer’s needs.

Another approach to growing your business is to increase the perceived value of your products and services.

A customer who spends thousands of dollars on a Gucci bag when a Michael Kors handbag cost roughly $100 is an example of perceived value.

Customers may see your business differently if you have new branding, a new website, or even new packaging.

It Shows Brand Consistency

To give your brand a strong foundation, ensure your messaging is consistent. Consistency helps to build brand recognition, which leads to increased customer loyalty. The key to maintaining consistency is to avoid things that do not pertain to or enhance your brand.

Following your Brand Guideline Book, which you will receive after a branding project, is one approach to establishing consistency throughout your brand.

Everything from your typography to your color palette will be included in the Brand Guidelines Book. It will walk you through how to use your branding confidently.


Hopefully, this blog post has shown how beneficial a brand strategy can be for your business.

At our studio, we start every project with brand strategy. We believe that every brand project should be designed based on our client’s brand strategy. We feel like this allows our clients to get the bests results for their business.

It’s essential to have beautiful branding, but it’s even more critical to be based on purpose and meaning.

If you are interested in learning more or seeing how our studio could support you and your business, you can set up a free discovery call by clicking here.